From The Distance
Liquid Music

Liquid Music ist eine medienkünstlerische Projektreihe, die seit 1998 jährlich in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Judenburg durchgeführt wird. Das diesjährige Thema "From the Distance" rekurriert auf Beiträge, in denen räumliche und zeitliche Distanzen eine Rolle spielen.

Liquid Music is a series of media art projects that has been staged annually since 1998 in cooperation with and under the aegis of the City of Judenburg.

Liquid Music makes available a production budget meant to give artists throughout this region of the Province of Styria the opportunity to carry out experiments and produce works in the media art genre. What is requested of the artists in return for being provided with the opportunity to realize their concepts in this setting is that the physical appearance of this place play a role in their works. This mode of proceeding is constitutive for this project.

The 2011 theme is “From the Distance.” This is meant to encourage works in which spatial and temporal distances play a role in both the concept and the aesthetic form